2018 Midterm Elections: November 6th 2018

2018 Midterm Elections: November 6th 2018 

Statewide Elections (Primary June 5th):
                   Republicans – Kristi Noem (Current SD member of congress) Marty Jackley (                            Current Attorney General) Lora Hubbel (Former member of the legislature)                              Terry LaFleur (Attorney)
                   Democrats – Billie Sutton (South Dakota Senate Minority Leader)
US House
 – Candidates:
Republicans – Dusty Johnson (former PUC commissioner) Shantel Krebs                                   (Current Secretary of State) Neil Tapio (current state Senator Rep. District 5) Eric Terrell 
Democrats – Tim Bjorkman (Former first circuit SD court judge) Chris Martian
Libertarians – George Hendrickson
SD Supreme Court Judges

Local Elections (Primary June 5th):
Brown County Commission – 3 seats
– Incumbents: Tom Fischbach, Doug Fjeldheim
– Mike Wiese
– Larry Lovrien
– Michael E. Nehls
– Briggs Tople 

Brown County Auditor
Cathy McNickle , Sara Swisher
Democrat –  Lynn Heupel
Brown County Sheriff
– Dan Kaiser has declared his candidacy for sheriff, running for the Republican nomination.
– Incumbent Mark Milbrandt has declared he is seeking re-election, also running as a Republican.

City Council seats
Five year seats – Rob Ronayne and Char Cornelius, both incumbent running for the Northeast District.  Alan Johnson and Dan Richardt, both incumbents running for the Southwest District.

District 1 Senate seat
Democrats – Susan Wismer, Allison Renville, Simon Bisek
District 1 House Seat
Democrat – Paul Dennert, Robert Whitmyre, Steven McLeerey
Republican – Tamera St. John
District 2 Senate Seat
Republican – Brock Greenfield
Democrat – Paul Register
District 2 House Seat
Republican – Kaleb Weis, Lana Greenfield
Democrat – Jenae Hansen , Mike McHugh
District 3 House Seat
Republican – Drew Dennert, Carl Perry
Democrat – Justin Roemmick, Brooks Briscoe
District 3 Senate
Democrat – Cory Heidelberger
Republican – Al Novstrop
District 23 House Seat
Republican – Spencer Gosch, John Lake
Democrat – Phillip Testerman, Elanor Iverson
District 23 Senate
Republican Justin Cronin
Democrat – Joe Yracheta 

Brown County Register of Deeds

2018 Ballot Measures 

Constitutional Amendment W – Amend state campaign finance and lobbying laws
Ban Out-of-State Contributions to Ballot Questions, Committees and Iitiative