Completely Unoriginal

Well folks this is the “nerdy” corner of the website. Curt Campbell and Adam St. Paul discuss everything from video games, to movies. If you like to hear two guys nerd out on the things that they love this is the place to be. Pocket protectors not included.


Completely Unoriginal 5/10/18

The guys discuss the upcoming “Solo” Star Wars film as well as “The Last Jedi.”

Completely Unoriginal 8-05-16

The guys return to talk the new “Suicide Squad” film and debate if Rotten Tomatoes is good for film making…

Completely Unoriginal 5/27/16

Adam St. Paul and Tony Zerr talk a host of movie subjects

Completely Unoriginal 3/29/16

The guys discuss Batman V. Superman and more!

Completely Unoriginal 8/21/15

The guys return from a short break to talk about horror related films including the new Fantastic Four, Nightmare on Elm Street and Ghostbusters films.

Completely Unoriginal 7/17/15

The guys talk all the news out of this year’s San Diego Comic Con

Completely Unoriginal 7/09/15

Adam, Curt and Tony regroup and talk about the slate of Star Wars films set to be released over  the next few years on this week’s “Completely Unoriginal.”

Completely Unoriginal 7/06/15

Completely Unoriginal 5/21/15

The guys talk an array of topics including the latest installment of the “Mad Max” movie franchise.

Completely Unoriginal 02/13/15

Adam St. Paul and Curt Campbell talk about the news of Spider Man joining the MCU on today’s “Completely Unoriginal”

Completely Unoriginal 1/28/15

The guys talk Oscars on today’s “Completely Unoriginal”